Weekly brief: Saad Hariri is back, Political crisis in Germany and Radko Mladic is convicted

Several events of the past week marked certain milestones in the history. In this weekly brief we will refresh your memory and underline the importance of these events.

Saad Hariri is back

Guess who is back to Lebanon? After mysterious departure to Saudi Arabia and his statement of resignation – Saad Hariri is back to Lebanon. He came back somewhat victoriously, promising to battle radical position of Hezbollah. He decided to postpone with his official resignation, because his sudden departure could destabilize the situation not only in Lebanon, but also in the whole region. Certainly such decision was backed by external powers as well, however bringing back a chance of stability in this fragile region does cost a lot of effort and such decisions shouldn`t be taken overnight.


Historical moment for Zimbabwe

ben cutris_Ap

In our previous blog entry we mentioned that the future of Robert Mugabe – already the former president of Zimbabwe – was uncertain.  Right after Robert Mugabe announced about his resignation, his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn in. Since the past of Mr.Mugabe has many uncertainties ,a special agreement was made, whereby he and his family members got an immunity and $10mln-worth “golden parachute”. Great condition to resign.

Current President Mnangagwa inherited a very complicated legacy and hopefully he would be able to build a new country without casualties.

German political crisis

Clemens Bilan_epa

In September Germans went to the polls to elect their new government. It has been more than 2 months, and the conservative party of Angela Merkel was not able to form a coalition. After the unsuccessful approach of the last week, the Social Democratic Party signalled that they will make certain steps towards the resolution of this deadlock and a “grand coalition” with the conservatives can be achieved.

EU is making friends around its borders

Complicated political situation in Germany certainly does not positively affect the intra-EU relations, where the differences are growing and recent elections in the member states showed some alarming tendency towards less integration.

Nevertheless, the European Peoples Party leaders met in Brussels in the frames of  the Eastern Partnership Summit. One of the outcomes of this summit was that the Republic of Armenia signed so-called “The Comprehensive & Enhanced Partnership Agreement” with the EU. An agreement, which covers almost all aspects of development of Armenia and life of its citizens. In a complicated region, the EU was able to partner with Armenia in such a way that colleagues in Moscow would not oppose to the euro-integration of this post-soviet state, given the fact that Armenia joined the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union 4 years ago. Nowadays Armenia becomes one of few places where the interests of Russia, the EU and the US do not overlap, while Armenia is in position to cooperate with all parties at the same time.

Radko Mladic is convicted

Former Bosnian Serb commander Ratko Mladic also known as the “Butcher of Bosnia” has been jailed for life by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). The trail started in 2012 and hereby the last verdict of ICTY was issued. This slowly concludes the operations of ICTY, which punished the wrongdoers of the war. Nevertheless, it is still uncertain whether the murderers of the Serbs are penalized enough. Some scholars blame ICTY for not considering the Serbian side on this issue.

Egypt is being terrorized again

The deadliest terroristic attack in Egypt took place last week. Blasts from several explosives in the Rawdah mosque (northern Sinai) and the consequent “hunt” (terrorists were shooting people inside and outside of the mosque) for injured victims cost life of more than 230 people and over 100 were injured. A very brutal attack shocked the general public. The president el-Sisi announced about the hunt and promised to penalize the wrongdoers. In the meantime, the death toll raises and the question of security is still open.


Stay tuned for another update! Follow world news!


photos: Ben Curtis/AP, Clemens Bilan/EPA



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