Weekly brief: N.Korea speaks up again, unrest in Honduras and Michael Flynn admits guilt

This week was remarkable not only because the price for Bitcoin exceeded $10,000, but also because after 2,5 months of silence North Korea launched again a ballistic missile, which ended up in the international waters near Japan. No state was amused by this fact and the US president Donald Trump mentioned that “they will deal with this”. Japan in its turn called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting to discuss the situation. All interested states condemned this act, showed their disapproval and agreed to condemn the next incident again.

Jim Watson_AFP - Getty Images
Jim Watson / AFP – Getty Images

Russian Soyuz and MIchael Flynn

Less successful was the civil space program of Russians. The Russian Space Agency launched a rocket – Soyuz, which carried one weather satellite and nearly 20 micro-satellites from various nations. Soyuz failed to enter into the designated orbits and now the future of this rocket is unknown. Russians were in the spotlight this week due to another event as well: Michael Flynn – Former national security adviser and one of the leading persons of Donald Trump`s team – pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Earlier this year, Mr. Flynn claimed that he didn`t have any contacts with the Russian Ambassador before Donald Trump took the office. This is a great hit for the reputation of the US president, especially when his son-in-law was recently suspected to have roles in these contacts. Apart from this scandal, the general public is also not thankful for the recently proposed tax bill. It seems that the upcoming year will be harder for Donald Trump than the current one.

Honduras held elections

On November 26, citizens of Honduras went to the polls to cast their votes for the new president. It is a well-known fact that in some developing countries the counting of votes can be different. In that sense there was no surprise this time. Current Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández deployed US trained forces to battle the protesters. People took the streets, because firstly the opponent of the president – Salvador Nasralla- and then suddenly the electronic system went down and the gap drastically reduced between two candidates. It is too early to make evaluations, what went wrong, however silencing with force voices of the supporters of an opponent is certainly not a democratic move.

News for surfers

To finish this article with a positive sentence: if you are planning to go to Bali (Indonesia) or was stuck there this week, now the airport is partially operating. After the recent volcanic eruptions the local authorities closed down the airport and thousands of tourists were evacuated by sea.


Stay tuned for another update! Follow world news!





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