Weekly brief: The situation in Zimbabwe, the “Polish way” of celebrating the Independence day and Italian drama

Last week was remarkable not only because the Italian national team did not qualify for the World Cup in Russia, but also because the oldest ruling leader might not celebrate his 37th anniversary in power.

Jekesai Njikizana_AFP

On November 14 several military units entered the capital of Zimbabwe – Harare. On the next day the military informed the general public that they took over the control in the country and the 93-year-old president – Robert Mugabe- who is in power since 1980 should step down. So far there was no radical movement and grave crimes were not recorded, however the situation is highly unstable. It is worth to mention that ever successful country predecessor- Southern Rhodesia- was one of the leading economies in the region, while Zimbabwe under the rule of Robert Mugabe turned into a poor country, where the disastrous economic situation (the hyperinflation doesn`t seem to reach its limit any time soon) gave a rise to the cryptocurrency and people trust this currency more than their national Dollar.

The military guaranteed the safety of the president and demanded Mr.Mugabe to step down before Monday afternoon. On Sunday he held a speech. In the end he thanked everyone and wished a good night. We can only assume what he meant.

Another president – Donald Trump – sent his words of appreciation as well. He thanked his partners in Asia for a productive trip to this region. After several meetings with top officials in China, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines, the US president came back and reported that overall the Asian journey was beneficial for the American economy. Knowing the business orientated mind of Donald Trump, such words in this case could be indeed regarded as positive.

Radek Pietruszka_EPAOn November 11 thousands of Poles took the streets in Warsaw to celebrate the independence day. It is hard to believe, but the demonstration (which was by far the biggest one in relation to this day) resembled rather a radical and nationalist movement with white supremacist colours. The current political public in Poland is quite divided and such demonstration is clearly indicating that some voices in the country are not being heard.

Iran was shaken up as well. Literally. A strong earthquake on the border with Iraq resulted into big destruction and cost lives of hundreds. First Iran was hit by a Saudi political moves and now with the Mother Nature. Not the luckiest month for this country.

Last, but now least: Italy will not participate in the World football Cup, which takes place in Russia next year. After the defeat from Sweden (0-1,0-3) they let the Scandinavian team to travel to Russia. Indeed, a big shock, because the Italian team always qualified for the championship ever since 1958.


Stay tuned for another update! Follow world news!


photos: Jekesai Njikizana/AFP (taken from BBCNews), Radek Pietruszka / EPA (taken from NBCNews)

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