“Cold War”: A new Episode

The international public relations between Russia and the United States have been very complicated in the recent years. The latest developments in Ukraine, Venezuela and other political intrigues pushed the leaders of these two powerful countries to an edge – to the situation where a new so called “Cold War” is slowly emerging.  It is considered that this War ended in 1991 with the collapse of the USSR, however it seems that a new episode is about to start and now the millennials shall find a solution. At this time, instead of the Caribbean Crisis world`s leaders face less sophisticated version – the political turmoil in Venezuela and instead of the Berlin wall – separated Ukraine. China may be seen as the new crucial player in this episode too, due to its increasing role in the world`s order.

The very latest development – a possible withdrawal of these countries from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty  (from 1987) may even worsen the situation.



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