Weekly Brief: Trump and the Middle East

Politicians meet, so the sportsmen can perform

For the first time since 2015, South Korean unification minister and the head of North Korean delegation met early this week to discuss the possible solutions for the North Koreans to take part in the upcoming winter Olympic Games in the South Korean city of PyeongChang. Certainly, this sports event was merely a cause for the sides to come together after very tense past year. It shall be noted that the initiative came from the leader of North Korea – Kim Jong-Un, who in his New Year`s speech underlined that sportsmen of his country would not mind to participate in the upcoming Olympic games. On the January 15th the delegations will meet again in the demilitarised zone.

No peace in the Syrian sky


In the course of past weeks Syrian cities of Hamoriya, Arbin, Harasta and Misraba suffered air strikes, which killed dozens of people and injured hundreds. While the opposition groups blame governmental airplanes and the Russian military for this actions,  the former ones claim that certain military objects were targeted to battle terrorists in these cities.

Deal or no deal?

Donald Trump has recently expressed his concern regarding the “Iranian Nuclear Deal”. In light of the latest events in Iran, radical events around this deal might have irreversible consequences. Some may argue that it was the Iranian government`s best interest to start the negotiations around this topic again, so the general public in the country would consolidate against the external problem. However, after the European Union and Russia underlined the importance of this fragile agreement, Donald Trump decided to put on hold the future steps and instead US imposed sanctions against certain judiciary representatives and Donald Trump promised to revise this agreement in the short run. The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in his turn called his French partner – Emmanuel Macron- and urged to back-up Donald Trump`s position.

7 years of the “Arab spring”

Finally, this week ended with a mass march in Tunis (Tunisia), where thousands of people gathered to mark the 7th anniversary of the uprising, which lead to the change of the government. Sadly, this march also signifies the dissatisfaction of the general public against the current state`s austerity measures.

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