Weekly brief: Brexit talks and the decision of Vladimir Putin        

Syria is in ruins. Millions of people are displaced due to the ongoing war. Thousands are dead. However Bashar Al Assad remained in power. According to the latest news the army of the IS was defeated and the governmental army took over a great part of the country. This week, the Russian President Vladimir Putin landed in Syria and He thanked the Russian soldiers, who carried out their duty since 2015, and announced the withdrawal of the troops. This announcement came just before the press conference, where Vladimir Putin stated that He will participate in the elections next year. A victorious war would be an appealing factor for the voters, because the general public tend to believe that the successful role of Russia in this war was decisive.

Pascal Dumont_CBC
Pascal Dumont/CBC

After this visit, the Russian president headed to Egypt to meet with his Egyptian partner and later that day to Ankara to meet the Turkish president. As a result of this week, Egypt and Russia will restore their air connection (which was stopped after a Russian passenger plane was shot down). During the meeting with Recep Erdogan both leaders condemned the recent statements of their American partner – Donald Trump – who stated that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Later this week the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has declared East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. It seems as the visit of Vladimir Putin gave enough comfort for the Islamic leaders to begin an open confrontation with the US. The position of Saudi Arabia seems two-sided: while they support the statement of OIC, they arrested one of the most prominent and richest Palestinians – billionaire businessman Sabih al-Masri. Whether there is a direct link between two events it is uncertain, however such arrest doesn`t give much comfort to Palestinian people.

Another separation of opinions is being discussed nowadays in Europe. The Brexit talks slowly reach to the logical deadline. French resident Emmanuel Macron and his German partner Angela Merkel met this week in Brussels and agreed that March 2018 is a realistic term to bring more certainty in the Brexit deal and also by the mid-2018 revised economic and monetary policy in the EU should be reached.

Such crucial moves will be hard to implement given the deepening political differences within member states. Another fresh example is Austria, where 31-year-old conservative party leader Sebastian Kurz to become the youngest European head of the government. Together with the far-right Freedom Party Mr.Kurz will be leading Austria, where opinions about Brexit and immigration are split. So far it is hard to state what kind of consequence this would have on other EU countries, however such signals are not the most positive one.

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