Weekly brief: Catalan referendum, new social campaigns and more

In this weekly brief we will take you to different countries and present events which deserve a little more coverage and analysis.

This week started with an explosion – Last weekend in Mogadishu (Somalia) a very powerful blast killed around 270 and injured 300 people. This event did not find a wide coverage in the mainstream media and it did not result into a viral campaign in the social media, while the question is still open: who`s stands behind this inhumane act.

However, another campaign went viral – #metoo. Under this hashtag millions of abused women told their stories and many gentlemen as a sign of compassion joined this movement. It is all about raising an awareness, those hashtags are not here to teach, so do your own research.

Mondays can be hard for a working class, especially when you have a sandy storm and a hurricane knocking your door. Here is how London woke up in the beginning of the week.

Unusual sky over London todat due to storm Ophelia.

After various world news agencies were telling about the horrible influx of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar to Bangladesh and after this was discussed in terms of the UN, general public got comfortable. The politicians will fix the situation – thought people. The situation remains the same. Thousands of refugees still cross Naf river to save their lives in Bangladesh.

No demonstration – no fun.

Guided by a former president of Georgia and the governor of Ukraine`s Odessa region – Mikhail Saakashvili- thousands of protesters took the streets of Kiev to express their anger against the policy of the current president of the country Petro Poroshenko.

In another part of Europe – in France – thousands gathered in Paris to protest against the labour reform. President Macron promised to cut the level of unemployment, but according to the new law (introduced in August) corporations received more power to fire employees and even cut some retirement benefits.

President talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech during the annual Valdai discussion club. As usual, Vladimir Putin covered many topics paying enough attention to the questions of foreign policy. Namely, the Russian president reminded about the events around the political crisis in Ukraine (which led to the revolution and the war) and the referendum in Catalonia, where some states were more lenient to use double standards when it came down to a recognition of the referendum of independence.

Double standards or not, but many western news agencies preferred to skip some parts of the president`s speech or twist the meaning of it. However, the situation in Catalonia still remains unclear even for Catalans. Even though, the central government in Madrid is clear that Barcelona should remain in the borders of Spain, Mariano Rajoy is still confused what do actually Catalan politicians want out of this crisis? It seems that Catalans and their elected officials have slightly different agendas.

Guess who is back?

Barack Obama- the former US president- was back on the stage this week to deliver a speech to support the Democratic candidate (Ralph Northam) in a gubernatorial election in Virginia. The former president namely underlined that “If you have to win a campaign by dividing people, you are not going to be able to govern them”. No telling the names, but it is obvious who Barack Obama meant.  Mr.President just called people to be united.

Rutte III

More united are politicians in the Netherlands, where prime minister Mark Rutte finalized the appointments in the new cabinet of ministers. The Dutch prime minister is in charge already for the third time and therefore the term “Rutte III” was evolved out of this, however the coalition talks this time took unusually long. Luckily the middle ground was achieved and many new faces will be in the scope of media in the upcoming months and years.


Picture: Julie Ramsden (Flickr.com)

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